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06, 2022

ComCom Fines Rustavi 2 GEL 2500 for Broadcasting TV Show Unsuitable for Children

October 06, 2022 15:40

The Communications Commission has fined Media Holding (broadcasting channel Rustavi 2) GEL 2500 for violating the Law on Broadcasting. The case concerns the airing of a programme unsuitable for minors at an inappropriate time and in violation of the labelling rules. The Commission also instructed the broadcaster to comply with the Code on the Rights of a Child and air the TV show “Hidden Passion” in accordance with the requirements of the law. Citizens Giga Gudadze and Besarion...

26, 2022

Media School Holds Safety Seminar for Journalists

September 26, 2022 10:54

The Media School of the Communications Commission held a two-day training for media representatives and journalism students, titled “Safety for Journalists.” Participants were trained in safe coverage of protests and demonstrations. During the seminar, journalists learned how to inform the public about ongoing demonstrations and military conflicts while protecting their well-being. Throughout the two-day seminar, journalists worked with photo journalist Davit Mdzinarashvili and...

14, 2022

ComCom Takes Part in Joint UNICEF and USAID Media Literacy Conference

September 14, 2022 17:32

The Communications Commission took part in a conference organised by UNICEF and the Unites States Agency for International Development. The event was dedicated to the development of media literacy among young people and the fight against misinformation. The conference discussed the projects implemented with the financial assistance of USAID. ComCom member Natia Kukuladze talked about the importance of the joint project implemented by the Commission and the Ministry of Education and Science of...

14, 2022

"The Telecom Sector has a Key Role in Realising Georgia’s Digital Potential and Creating Inter-Regional...

September 14, 2022 15:47

Communications Commission member Ekaterine Imadedze gave a speech at the International Digital Connectivity Summit, where she highlighted the advantages of developing digital capabilities and establishing a digital hub in Georgia. During the summit, an extensive panel was dedicated to the issue of development and realisation of digital capabilities. The panel was chaired by ComCom member Ekaterine Imadedze. Guest experts and local operators took part in the session.  “I am glad that...

14, 2022

ComCom Member Vakhtang Abashidze Talks about Georgia’s Prospects for Becoming a Digital Hub at International...

September 14, 2022 12:11

Member of the Communications Commission Vakhtang Abashidze, Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development Levan Davitashvili and Rregional director of the World Bank Charles Cormier opened the International Digital Connectivity Summit Georgia 2022 – “Developing Inter-Regional Connectivity Corridors.” The purpose of the summit was to discuss the potential for creating an international digital connectivity corridor between Europe and Asia and the possibilities for establishing...

12, 2022

ComCom and European Union Hand over the Counter-Disinformation Project to TPDC

September 12, 2022 10:42

The Communications Commission has handed over the media literacy project “The Challenge of Disinformation: Developing Critical Thinking in Schools” to the Teachers Professional Development Centre for further implementation. The agreement was signed by ComCom member Natia Kukuladze and TPDC director Berika Shukakidze. The goal of the project is to raise awareness about the negative impact caused by disinformation, develop media literacy and critical thinking skills, and increase...

24, 2022

ComCom: Dissemination of Stolen Online Content is Against the Law

August 24, 2022 11:59

During the past few years, the Communications Commission has been actively working with stakeholders and various organisations to protect intellectual property rights by removing illegal content from online space. Specifically, the Commission has been intensively communicating with websites that host pirated audio-visual content for more than two years. The Commission gave the website owners two years to bring the content displayed on their platforms in line with the legislation. Eliminating...

23, 2022

ComCom Cautions TV Pirveli and Formula for Unlawful Advertising and Fines Mtavari Arkhi 1% of Annual Revenues

August 23, 2022 17:24

The Communications Commission has issued a written caution to TV Pirveli and Formula for unlawfully broadcasting political advertising outside the election period and fined Mtavari Arkhi 1% of its annual revenues for the same offence. The case concerns the video clip unlawfully aired by the broadcasters on 23 and 24 June. A complaint regarding the advert was submitted to the Commission by the political union Georgian Dream. To determine the status of the advert, the Commission focussed on the...

22, 2022

ComCom Provides Digital Service Training to Librarians in Ozurgeti

August 22, 2022 14:43

The Communications Commission, together with the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia, held a training session to promote the use of the internet for employees of 19 village libraries at the Ozurgeti Techno Park. Librarians from the villages of Askani, Bakhvi, Shemokmedi, Dvabzu, Vakijvari, Mtispiri, Dzimiti, Likhauri, Gurianti, Meria, Tkhinvali, Silauri, Natanebi, Shroma, Ureki, Naruji, Laituri and Naghobilevi, as well as the central library of Ozurgeti, were trained under the Digital...

16, 2022

ComCom: The Statement by TV Formula, Mtavari Arkhi and TV Pirveli is Unsubstantiated and Serves to Mislead...

August 16, 2022 12:16

The statement by TV Formula, Mtavari Arkhi and TV Pirveli regarding the Communication Commission’s handling of the complaint by Georgian Dream is unsubstantiated. All decisions taken by the Commission are in full compliance with the legislation. It is therefore baseless to claim that decisions taken by the Commission can threaten media freedoms of speech and expression. The case concerns the legality of broadcast advertising, which has nothing to do with freedom of expression. The...


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