August 13, 2021 10:33

TV Advertising Revenues Grow by 74%, Radio Advertising Revenues by 90%

In the second quarter of 2021, total advertising revenues of television and radio broadcasters increased by 75% compared to the same period of previous year and amounted to GEL 23 million. 

TV advertising revenues amounted to GEL 21.3 million, with direct advertising and sponsorship accounting for GEL 19.3 million. Imedi collected more than any other broadcaster in advertising revenues – GEL 6.9 million, representing a GEL 1.5 million increase compared to the same period of previous year. The advertising revenues of Mtavari Arkhi increased by GEL 1.9 million amounting to GEL 3.2 million. Rustavi 2 (Media Holding) saw the increase of its advertising revenues by GEL 0.4 million amounting to GEL 2.5 million. 

TV Formula collected GEL 1.8 million in advertising revenues, representing a GEL 1.4 million increase compared to the same period of previous year. The revenues of TV Pirveli increased by GEL 0.9 million and amounted to GEL 1.7 million. POSTV collected GEL 1.2 million in advertising revenues, which is GEL 0.8 million more compared to the same period of previous year. The Georgian Public Broadcaster and Silknet posted similar figures – GEL 0.9 million each in advertising revenues, representing an increase of GEL 0.8 million. GEL 0.2 million was distributed among the other broadcasters. 

As for the radio broadcasters, their advertising revenues for the second quarter of 2021 increased by 90% compared to the same period of previous year  and amounted to GEL 1.735 million. Direct advertising accounted for 85.8% of the revenues. Radio Holding Fortuna collected the most revenues at GEL 965,100, followed by Radio Imedi at GEL 183,300, Radio Centre Plus at GEL 88,500, Georgian Radio at GEL 77,500, Georgian Times at GEL 77,000, Chveni Radio at GEL 61,300, Media Holding Voice of Abkhazia at GEL 59,500, Media Stream at GEL 53,100, Hereti at GEL 31,000 and New Radio at GEL 19,300. GEL 119,300 was distributed among other radio broadcasters. 

Advertising revenues include direct advertising, sponsorship, product placement, announcements and teleshopping.


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