June 17, 2021 17:22

Mtavari Arkhi and Telemedi Fined GEL 2500 Each

The Communications Commission has fined Mtavari Arkhi and Teleimedi for violating the product placement regulations. The Commission took into account the circumstances related to the pandemic and issued the broadcasters with the minimum fine of GEL 2500 for violating the legislation.

The case concerns the programme “Sheni Dila” (“Your Morning”), which was aired on 26 April 2021 at 07:56 and included a report about th ehousehold appliances storeElit Electronics. The four-and-a-half minute long report talked extensively about various offers and promotions involving household items of specific brands.

In case of Teleimedi, the programme “Imedis Dghe” (“Day of Imedi”) aired a report about Lilo Mall on 18 May 2021 at 13:32, which was dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the shopping mall. The report talked about the week of promotions and a new application. Viewers received detailed information about the app interface and functions. Guests in the studio spoke extensively about the benefits of shopping in Lilo Mall.

The importance of products was specially highlighted  in the aforementioned programmes, influencing the content. The reports encouraged viewers to make purchases, incorporated advertising slogans, provided information about product availability and highlighted the positive characteristics of products. Furthermore, the length of the reports also points towards violation of product placement regulations, meaning that the broadcasters violated the Georgian legislation.

Due to the fact that both Mtavari Arkhi and Teleimedi received written warnings for similar violations on 4 February 2021 and 28 January 2021 respectively, the Communications Commission fined the broadcasters GEL 2500 each for the repeated violation of legislation.


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