July 29, 2021 18:01

Communications Commission deems Alt-Info to have Violated the Law by Broadcasting Obscenity

The Communications Commission has deemed the television company Alt-Info to have violated the law by broadcasting obscenity. The case concerns the programs “Alt-Interview” and “Alt-Analytics,” which were aired by Alt-Info on 5, 6, 7 and 12 July. Profanity language and obscenity were frequently used by program presenters and guests alike. 

The Commission studied the circumstances behind the airing of the aforementioned programs and established that the programs contained statements violating ethical norms and lacking social, political, cultural, educational or scientific value, which could not be justified by context. The language used on the Alt-Info programs violated fundamental human rights and dignity, thereby breaching the legislation of Georgia. The use of obscenity on the political shows violated the rights of the audience which finds such remarks offensive and unacceptable. 

Furthermore, according to the legislation, the use of obscenity on political shows violates the rights of the broadcaster’s adult and minor audiences. 

The Communications Commission employs a uniform approach towards broadcasters with regards to the issue of obscenity. The goal of the Commission is to set standards, rather than to impose sanctions on broadcasters. However, it is important for the Commission to register any violations to ensure that the public and the media understand and uphold the principles of the law. In accordance with the established practice and uniform approach, the Communications Commission deemed Al-Info to have violated the legislation but relieved the broadcaster from further reliability.


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