December 16, 2023 15:37

ComCom: Subscribers can Replace Silksat through Azerspace or Stereo+

From 15 December, subscribers whose Silksat service will be disconnected will be able to receive television broadcasts from the Azerspace 46E satellite for free throughout Georgia. More specifically, the following Georgian channels can be received from the Azerspace satellite: First Channel of the Georgian Public Broadcaster, Adjara TV, Imedi, GDS, TV Pirveli, Mtavari Arkhi, Formula, Rustavi 2, Marao, Comedy Channel, POS TV, Objektivi, TV 25, Second Channel of the Georgian Public Broadcaster, and Marneuli TV. 

For subscribers to be able to receive a signal from the Azerspace satellite, they must purchase and install a satellite dish and receiver (set-top box). If the dish is obstructed by a building or a mountain, it will need to be repositioned so that it can catch the signal. Those who already have a dish, will only need to purchase a set-top box. 

To receive a broadcasting signal from the Azerspace satellite, the following technical parameters are required: Azerspace 1 / East 46°, downlink frequency: 11095Mhz, polarization: horizontal, symbol rate: 30000 KBit/s, FEC rate: 5/6. 

In addition to Azerspace, some subscribers will be able to replace Silksat with the Stereo+ digital television system, although Stereo+ is not available in all geographic areas where Silksat could be received. To connect to the "Stereo+" system, users needs to purchase a set of digital television receiver (DVB-T2 set-top box), cable and antenna. It is better to install the antenna on a balcony or a roof. After the installation, the antenna should be connected to the receiver with a cable, and the receiver to the TV set.


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