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December 15, 2023 17:56

ComCom: Silknet Cannot Implement High-Quality 5G Services Due to Lack of 5G License

Silknet will be unable to implement effective and high-quality 5G internet services. The services currently offered by the company, which by its own admission cover only a few districts of Tbilisi, have come into effect through the use of the frequency spectrum licensed to Silknet several years ago. The Communications Commission held an auction for the implementation of 5G internet in August this year, with Silknet declining to take part. As the only participant of the auction, Cellfie Mobile took the responsibility to implement 5G technology across Georgia. 

Users will not be able to receive effective 5G services from Silknet, as the implementation of 5G technology requires the use spectral resources with the appropriate characteristics and amount, which Silknet does not have at this stage. The frequency spectrum currently operated by the company is largely used for previous generations of mobile technology. While the subscribers will see the 5G sign appear on their mobile phones, they will not be able to feel any significant technological differences. 

The Communications Commission welcomes and facilitates the implementation of new technologies by telecom companies, and seeks to continuously create the appropriate conditions to this end. The Commission has repeatedly expressed its disappointment about the fact that despite satisfying the requests of mobile operators, only Cellfie Mobile chose to participate in the 5G auction that would allow them a real opportunity to fully implement high-quality 5G internet across the country.


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