February 14, 2024 14:56

ComCom Shares Manual on Hate Speech and Incitement to Terrorism with European Commission and Broadcasters

The Communications Commission has shared the draft manual on the regulation of hate speech, incitement to terrorism and obscenity in the media with the European Commission, broadcasters and non-profit organisations for feedback. After receiving the comments, the Commission will approve the final document. ComCom developed the manual based on the amendments to the Law of Georgia on Broadcasting, which brings hate speech, incitement to terrorism and obscenity in the media under the Commission’s regulation. The creation of the manual was supported by the European Union and non-governmental organisations. 

Since it is important for the Commission's approach to be clear and predictable, the manual will simplify the work process for broadcasters and companies providing audiovisual services and explain the content of the law in detail. Specifically, the document explains how the Commission will enforce the norms, how each of the norms will be interpreted, what level of responsibility can be imposed on violating companies, and what the procedure will be. The manual also includes relevant practical examples. 

The development of guideline documents by ComCom is a proven practice. Similar documents on product placement, social advertising and sponsorship already exist. This is also a common practice in Europe, by regulators from countries such as Great Britain (Ofcom), Italy (AGCOM), Lithuania (RTK) and others. 

Amendments to the Law on Broadcasting are mandatory under the EU-Georgia Association Agreement. Their purpose is to harmonise the law with the EU’s Audiovisual Media Services Directive 2010/13/EU and support Georgia’s EU integration process.


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