Broadcasting Licensing Procedure

According to the Law of Georgia on Broadcasting, licensing of activities is performed by the National Communications Commission.

License holder in the field of broadcasting may be the citizen or resident of Georgia, an individual or the legal entity.

The broadcasting license holder may not be:

a)      Administrative body;

b)      Administrative body officials, other public servants;

c)       Legal entity interdependent with administrative authority;

d)      Political party, political party official;

e)      Offshore-registered legal entity;

f)       A legal entity whose shares are directly or indirectly owned by offshore-registered legal entity;

Common procedure for the issuance of the broadcasting license via terrestrial and satellite systems:

  1. Entity willing to broadcast general, specialized or community broadcasting submits application to the Commission.
  2. Following shall be indicated at the application:

a)      For individuals - name, last name, birth date and place, registration data, address, citizenship;

b)      For the legal entities - company name, legal form, legal address (the seat), registration data at the register of entrepreneurs and non-commercial legal entities, the name of the authorized representative, data on the partners, as well as the shareholders,  holding 5 or more % of shares;

c)       The type of broadcasting license, the applicant requires to obtain;

d)      The proposed geographical area for broadcasting;

e)      Proposed duration of broadcasting during the day.

Applicants for terrestrial broadcasting license must include the documentation defined by the paragraph 3 and paragraph 4 of the Article 41 of the Law of Georgia on Broadcasting and the applicants for satellite broadcasting must include the documentation foreseen only with the paragraph 3 of this Article.

The types for broadcasting license are as follows:

  1. Community broadcasting;
  2. Private broadcasting;

Private broadcasting license can be for the following types:

  1. General broadcasting;
  2. Specialized broadcasting.

Terrestrial broadcasting license is issued by the competition and the satellite broadcasting license - within the public administrative proceedings. Broadcasting through the cable network requires the authorization only.

Terms of the License

A broadcasting license shall be issued for a period of 10 years. After the term of the license expires, it shall be extended automatically for the same period of time if throughout the term the sanctions provided by the paragraph 2 of the Article 72 have not been used towards the license holder. In this case, the license holder pays the license fee and in accordance with the legislation the initial license fee for the license extension for the same period. In other cases, 6 months before the license expires, the owner applies to the Commission on the announcement of the competition. The Commission shall conduct the competition before the license term expires.


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