Broadcasting Authorization Procedure

The Communications Commission authorizes activities in the field of broadcasting in accordance with the Law of Georgia on Broadcasting.

A license is issued for radio broadcasting through radio frequency spectrum. Broadcasting through any other technology is subject to authorization.

An authorized person in the field of broadcasting may be a citizen of Georgia or a natural or legal person who is a resident of Georgia.

An authorized person in the field of broadcasting may not be:

a) An administrative body;

b)  An official of an administrative body or other officer;

c) A legal person interdependent with an administrative body;

d)  A political party or its official;

e)  A legal person registered offshore;

f) A legal person, the shares or stocks of which are directly or indirectly owned by a legal person registered offshore;

g) A person, the beneficiary owner of which is a person of another state defined by sub-paragraph (d) of this paragraph.


Uniform Procedure for the Authorization of Broadcasting

A person wishing to conduct general or specialized broadcasting shall submit an application to the Commission. The form of the application shall be approved by the Commission, and must include the following information:

a) For a natural person – first name, surname, date and place of birth, registration data, address and citizenship;

b) For a legal person – company name, legal status, legal address (location), information on registration in the Registry of Entrepreneurs and Non-Entrepreneurial (Non-Commercial) Legal Entities, name and surname of an authorized representative, information about partners and shareholders owning 5% of shares or more;

c) The type of broadcasting (general or specialized), the authorization of which is requested by the authorization applicant;

d) The language/languages of broadcasting;

e) The duration of broadcasting during a 24-hour period;[ComCom1] 

f) Technology to be used for broadcast distribution;

g) The proposed geographical coverage area for broadcasting;

h) A brief description of the activities to be performed;

i) The estimated duration of broadcasting within a 24-hour period.


The application must include:

a) Excerpt from the Registry of Entrepreneurs and Non-Entrepreneurial (Non-Commercial) Legal Entities; in the case of a natural person, a copy of his/her identification document;

b) Declaration of compliance;

c) A plan for financing the activities to be carried out and information about sources of financing;

d) The broadcasting concept to be implemented;

e) For a natural person – declaration of property of this person and his/her family members;

f) For a legal person – a certificate on its stated authorized capital and contributed potion thereof, a certificate on its assets and liabilities, information about the ownership and origin of its authorized capital and assets, declarations of property of its partners and/or shareholders owning substantial shares.

Within 10 working days after receiving an application, the Commission shall carry out the authorization of broadcasting by registering authorized persons in its corporate register.

If an application for authorization and/or documentation attached thereto is incomplete, the Commission shall give the authorization applicant an additional term of five working days to submit full documentation. If within this period of time, the applicant fails to submit the documentation, authorization shall not be granted. The refusal to carry out authorization shall not deprive a person of the right to apply to the Commission for the authorization again. If within 10 working days after the application for authorization is submitted, the Commission fails to give a time for submission of full documentation to an applicant, the authorization applicant shall be deemed authorized, and will be issued with an excerpt from the corporate register of authorized persons within three working days.

Authorization for broadcasting is issued for an indefinite period. Authorization cannot be terminated, except when requested by the authorized person itself.


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