June 02, 2021 10:53

www.sheamotsme.ge – The Best Tool for Consumer Rights Protection

http://www.sheamotsme.ge – the innovative service introduced by the Communications Commission in 2020 to protect the interests of consumers, has been named as the best example for the development of internet freedom and quality. The platform was included in the report of the influential international organization Freedom House as an exemplary tool for protecting consumer rights. Freedom House highlighted the importance of the consumer-oriented platform and presented Georgia in the report as the best example for improving internet freedom during the pandemic.

The importance of www.sheamotsme.ge increased even further during the pandemic, as consumers switched to remote working and studying mode throughout 2020. The website had 106,378 visitors in 2020, and was used to perform approximately 7000 tests, identifying around 300 faults. The Communications Commission helped subscribers resolve the problems swiftly.

In order to protect consumer interests, the Communications Commission initiated internet quality control on March 20, 2019. Over half a million people visited www.sheamotsme.ge since the platform was launched. Through this platform, the Commission allowed consumers to check the quality and speed of their internet connection around the clock, and to find out whether the service providers are meeting their contractual duties. Any identified problems were swiftly resolved by the Communications Commission.


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