July 06, 2021 19:04

Violence against Journalists is unacceptable

The Communications Commission condemns the violence against members of the media on July 5, which resulted in more than 50 journalists, operators and photographers sustaining severe injuries. Apart from the physical violence, journalists were subjected to verbal abuse, threats and interference in their work. Although media representatives were not prevented from carrying out their professional duties, they put their lives and wellbeing at risk to keep the public informed about the ongoing events. 

The Commission wishes to emphasize that provision of a safe working environment for the media is protected by the Georgian constitution, as well as numerous international conventions. Any form of violence and aggression towards journalists is unequivocally unacceptable. 

Investigation into the events is currently being carried out by the relevant authorities. It is important to ensure that all responsible parties are identified through quick and effective investigative work and brought to justice. The Communications Commission, as the authority responsible for defining media policy in the country, reiterates that all forms of violence, aggression and hate speech are intolerable.


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