February 08, 2021 15:00

Up to 1500 Reports disseminated in 5 Months through ComCom Analytics

For the past five months, the Communications Commission has been offering individuals interested in the latest trends in telecommunications sector an innovative and comfortable service of ComCom Analytics. More than 3000 users have already registered on the analytical portal.. Around 1500 reports have been disseminated through ComCom Analytics during the past five months.

The reports that are sent to interested individuals contain detailed information about the broadcasting and telecommunications industry, allowing the recipients to stay fully up to date. Registration on the ComCom Analytics platform is open to anyone and only takes a few minutes. Users will then receive interesting and important information on the registered e-mail addresses.

ComCom Analytics gathers all the important information about everything that is happening in the telecom sector – internet usage per subscriber, mobile communications usage trends, the revenues of companies operating in the sector, the average time and money spent on telecom services per person, etc. Users can also learn about the current trends on the broadcasting market – time spent by each viewer watching different types of programmes, time spent watching television in live/rewind mode, information about funding sources for various broadcasters, etc.

All subscribers of ComCom Analytics can choose the frequency of receiving reports, and select the sectors they wish to be informed about – fixed broadband internet, mobile services or broadcasting. The Communications Commission continues to implement and develop innovative services to effectively meet the challenges in the telecommunications sector and keep the public informed about the industry trends.


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