June 13, 2008

Three-digit Numbering Code 8-9-4 Licence Was Sold for 61 250 GEL




The winner has been declared in the Auction held today by the Georgian National Communications Commission. “Varid Telecom Georgia” Ltd is ready to pay 61 250 GEL to acquire the three-digit numbering code 8-9-4 licence.


The Georgian National Communications Commission announced the Auction for acquisition of the right to use the three-digit numbering code 8-9-4 licence on the basis of the Commission’s Decision of April 24, 2008. Four companies: ”Varid Telecom Georgia” Ltd, “Vitel Georgia” Ltd, “Servislaini” Ltd and JSC “United Telecom of Georgia” participated in the Auction. The initial price of the licence was 25 000 GEL.


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