June 02, 2021 14:35

Over one million users visit the web-platform mediacritic.ge

The web-platform of the Media Academy of the Communications Commission mediacritic.ge, which was established to promote media literacy and enable informed choices, has been accessed by over one million users on social media. This underlines the relevance of the platform and the high level of public interest towards qualified media critique. 

There were 59 analytical articles, 63 blogs and 178 reviews published on www.mediacritic.ge in 2020. The website had 300,000 unique visitors and over one million total visitors who viewed the media critique materials. 

www.mediacritic.ge serves to enhance the level of critical thinking among the public to enable the making of informed choices. Specifically, the platform allows users to obtain information about fake and dishonest media products. The platform aims to help the public distinguish between the quality of media products they use, as well as assist journalists and producers in their professional development. 

With the involvement of media experts and professional journalists, the Media Academy devised the media critique editorial code, which serves to support the academic processes at the Media Academy and develop the field of media criticism in general. From the very beginning, the web-platform has been guided by the principles and high standards of journalism outlined within the code.


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