December 30, 2020 17:10

Kakha Bekauri: We must Reject Obscenity and Hate Speech, Implement Western Values and High Standards of Impartiality

“Georgia currently has more than 100 television channels and a highly pluralistic media environment, which is a treasured achievement for our whole society. Unfortunately, this diverse media environment is saturated with low standards of professionalism, fake news, hate speech, threats, insults and obscenity. The Georgian Public Broadcaster is an exception in this regard, as confirmed by the results of the media monitoring process conducted by the Communications Commission during the pre-election campaign. GPB truly stands out through its ethical standards of journalism,” stated the Chairman of the Communications Commission Kakha Bekauri during the symbolic laying of the foundation capsule for the new GPB building.

Mr. Bekauri talked about the challenges faced by the media, pointing out that in the current diverse media environment, the reporting carried out by GPB conforms to high standards of journalism. The ComCom Chairman congratulated GPB on its 64th anniversary and stated that in the age of technology, it is important for public broadcasters to have a modern building and studios equipped with latest technologies.

“In western democracies, an informed citizen represents the most valuable asset. That is how we must imagine the Georgian media of tomorrow. We must reject obscenity, hate speech and bias. Instead, we must implement standards of impartiality in the media. The Public Broadcaster will play a major role in this regard, as it is free from politicisation. It is publically funded, and therefore has a special status. Congratulations, and all the best,” stated Kakha Bekauri.


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