August 10, 2020 10:00

Council of Europe’s Expert Rasto Kuzel Trains COMCOM Monitors for Pre-Election Media Monitoring

The Communications Commission will start the media monitoring process for the 2020 parliamentary elections on 1 September, publishing quantitative and qualitative results for around 50 broadcasting channels. COMCOM monitors received four-day training from the media expert of the Council of Europe, CEO of Memo 98 Rasto Kuzel, who shared best international practice and explained the peculiarities and specifics of qualitative pre-election media monitoring to the participants. COMCOM employees deepened their knowledge about pre-election media monitoring that corresponds to internationally recognized standards.

The aim of the training programme was to ensure that COMCOM can publicly present qualified quantitative and qualitative media monitoring results for specific broadcasters through appropriate reports. 

During the period before the 2020 parliamentary elections, COMCOM will monitor around 50 authorised broadcasters around the clock. Around 30 personnel will be involved in the monitoring process, examining election advertisements, debates, news and political shows, as well as pre-election campaigning and opinion polling.

The media monitoring process will continue until the day of the vote. COMCOM will make the election reports available to the public.


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