April 24, 2020 17:31

Consultation Document on Calculating the Cost of 5G Frequency Resource

In December 2019, the Georgian National Communications Commission devised and published the “Strategy for Development of 5G Network and Services.” GNCC emphasizes that broadband services and 5G technology will play an important role in future development of our country and our society. Launching the 5G network and services in a timely manner and with an appropriate operating model will benefit Georgia strategically and economically, and therefore represents a big challenge. It will enable development of the telecommunications sector, establishing Georgia as a regional telecom hub. It is therefore important for GNCC to take timely steps within the scope of its competence and encourage development in this field.

To ensure timely availability of the frequency resources, GNCC announced a tender for calculating the cost of the frequency resources for 5G services. The tender was won by the Polish office of Ernst & Young, which presented cost calculations for the required frequencies based on business modelling methodology. GNCC has published the document for consultation purposes. Interested parties can familiarise themselves with the document and submit their comments in written form in accordance with the established procedure. To ensure maximum transparency and engagement, the document was composed in Georgian and English languages.

The consultation process will continue for 3 weeks. The deadline for submitting opinions and comments to GNCC is on 15 May, 18:00. Opinions and comments can be sent to the following e-mail address: post@comcom.ge.


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