April 05, 2021 13:11

Communications Commission publishes the March Edition of ComCom Digest

The Communications Commission has published ComCom Digest for March, providing an overview of the activities and important decisions taken by the Commission over the past month.

The first important issue presented in the latest edition of ComCom Digest concerns new members of the Communications Commission. In March, the Parliament of Georgia elected Ekaterine Imedadze and Natia Kukuladze as the members of the Commission for a period of six years. Both new members have several years of work experience in the telecommunications sector.

Last month, it was also revealed that Nasib Hasanov, the unlawful owner of 49% of shares in Caucasus Online, once again grossly violated the Georgian legislation after the introduction of amendment to the Law of Georgia on Electronic Communications. Prior to the appointment of  a special manager to Caucasus Online by the Commission, Mr. Hasanov purchased the remaining 51% of shares through an expedited process without the Commission’s approval. Currently, he illegally owns 100% of the company.  

In March, the Venice Commission published its opinion on the amendments to the Law of Georgia on Electronic Communications. It is important to note that the Venice Commission acknowledged the presence of significant challenges that led to the changes in the law. The Venice Commission issued recommendations aiming at improving the effectiveness of the legal framework.

The March edition of ComCom Digest also covers the issue related  to MagtiCom. The Communications Commission reduced the price of MagtiCom’s Magtifix license from GEL 16 million to GEL 161,000. The Magtifix service is particularly important for residents of the occupied territories, seaside villages and highland settlements due to the lack of alternative communications channels in these areas.

ComCom Digest also includes the latest trends on the fixed internet market. The number of internet subscribers increased to 1 million, while penetration reached 86%. Georgia is one of the leading countries in Europe by total share of fixed internet penetration.

The March Digest also presents the latest news as to the development in the broadcasting sector. In March, the Communications Commission published information about the 2020 TV and radio broadcasting advertising revenues. TV advertising revenues increased by 11% thanks to political advertising, while commercial advertising decreased by 9%. Radio advertising revenues fell by 23% compared to the previous year, totalling GEL 6.8 million.

Another issue discussed in ComCom Digest is the online masterclass offered by Media Academy. 30 online lectures and more than 160,000 visitors in 6 months – these are the results achieved by the project developed by the Communications Commission through the Media Academy. The programme of online masterclasses was designed for people who are interested in journalism, consider practicing this profession, or simply wish to find out what happens behind the scenes, allowing them to learn how to create a media product. Detailed information about the masterclass can be found in the March edition of ComCom Digest.


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