The Administrative procedures code of Georgia

Order Number: 2352 /

publication date

getting date December 14, 2005 12:16

Chapter 1

General Provisions

Article 1. The scope of the code

1.This code establishes procedures for hearing and resolving administrative cases by common courts of Georgia.

2. Unless otherwise prescribed by this code, provisions under the Civil Procedures Code of Georgia shall be applicable to administrative proceedings.

Article 2. Administrative cases falling within the jurisdiction of the court

1. A common court shall hear disputes arising from legal relations that are regulated by administrative legislation, as prescribed by this code.

2. The subject of an administrative dispute resolved by the court may include the following:

(a)    Conformity of an administrative decree with Georgian legislation,

(b)   Conclusion or implementation of an administrative contract, and

(c)    The obligation of an administrative agency to repair damage, issue an administrative decree, or take any other action.

(d)   Legitimacy of the property of a public official, his family member, close relative or related person.


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