Law of Georgia on Independent National Regulatory Authorities

Order Number: 1666 / Is /

publication date

getting date September 13, 2002 12:08

The purpose of this Law is to create a reliable legal framework and perfect institutional environment for stable functioning of the independent national regulatory Authorities operating in Georgia, with a view to ensuring in various fields of economy the equilibrium of interests of licence holders and consumers, efficient price formation and supply in respect to the goods and services.

This Law establishes: the independence of the independent regulatory Authorities operating in Georgia from political pressure of any kind, from improper influence and illegal interference of State Authorities or other persons, as well as from any acts as may infringe on their independence; the authority to effect perfect regulation of any specific field; the responsibility to ensure the transparency and reliability of decision-making process; the main principles of the creation, activities and organization of independent regulatory Authorities.



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